So what have we been up to over these last few cold months?  Well, we have been planning for the upcoming spring.  After spend a large amount of time getting things in place for our IRS 501 (c) 3 status during 2019, we finished putting together our FAA Daytime Waiver during the beginning of 2020.  What most people may not realize is that commercial drones cannot be flown after civil twilight (30 Minutes after sunset) unless you have a specific waiver from the FAA.  This entails putting together a set of rules, training and standards to ensure compliance to the regulation and more importantly to ensure everyone we interact with is kept safe during the flights.  Each step we take puts us closer to our ultimate goal and having the flexibility to provide all the services we can.  Also in 2020, our goal is to add a thermal lens drone to our fleet.  This will allow us to view a heat signature which will make it easier to identify where a person may be located.  Whether under a grove of trees or in an open cornfield, thermal imaging can help quickly identify heat sources and their location.  This is important when someone may be hurt or scared and they are in a location that cant be easily seen with the naked eye.  We are excited to be able to add this technology to our organization.  We are about 40% of the way toward raising the necessary funds to allow us to purchase this equipment.

Thanks to all those who support us, we can’t do it alone and we are truly blessed to have a great support system.