Cooper County Sheriff’s Office

December 14th, 2023



The Cooper County Sheriff’s Office is proud to announce the formation of its very first Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Drone Unit.
For the last several months, hand selected Deputies have been taking classes and training which ultimately resulted in receiving their Federal Aviation Administration Part 107 UAS Pilot’s License.
Receiving this training and the UAV itself was through a donation from two Non-Profit organizations, the National Public Safety Drone Donation Program ( and Indy Drone Rescue (


While Cooper County is out of Indy Drone Rescue’s mission support area, The founders of Indy Drone Rescue teamed up with a local non-profit organization, The SuperFinn Autism Foundation, who was able to paint a picture of how important a UAV Unit will be to not just the Cooper County Community for crime prevention but for our special needs community as well for at risk individuals who have become lost or may have run away.
On 12/14/2023 The Sheriff’s Office took possession of its first Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and accessories which include a Drone Charging case, and a Drone hard case from Indy Drone Rescue. This UAV is essential to Public Safety and is equipped with multiple tools to assist any mission including a spotlight, loudspeaker, and Infrared/thermal imaging for night missions. Deployable missions include but are not limited to: Vehicle accidents, search and rescue operations, crime scene photography, large event mapping, aerial crime prevention, Over watch situations, and more.

Drone lifesaving technology has proven to be a valuable asset to offices all over Missouri and the United States and is sure to help save lives, property, and unnecessary injury to Citizens and Law Enforcement.

The Sheriff’s Office would like to give a special thanks to Indy Drone Rescue, the Pilot Institute, and the National Public Safety Drone Donation Program for their donations and guidance.
– Sheriff Chris Class

Sellersburg Police Department

July 1st, 2023

We at the Sellersburg Police Department are so very thankful to all of those involved in our drone donation. Our departments new drone will assist us in search and rescue missions, locating fleeing criminals, documenting crime scenes and many other things. We are very appreciative of Drone Assist Indiana and the National Public Safety Drone Donation Program for all their help in this process and helping our department take another step forward in our ability to assist the citizens of Sellersburg to the highest level.

– Sgt. Drees, Sellersburg Police Department.

Drone flying over Fire Vehicle

Doolittle Fire Protection

Nov 26, 2022

“We are a small 100% volunteer fire department located in western Phelps County, Missouri. We cover 130 square miles of Interstate 44, approximately 30,000 acres of Mark Twain National Forest, approximately 22 miles of waterway, 20 miles of remote natural gas pipeline, and 15 miles of railway. A drone would be beneficial including other fire departments in the region. 90% of fire departments in Region I (our mutual aid region within Missouri) are 100% volunteers and are unable to purchase a drone due to budget constraints like ourselves. This drone program would be a regional program.”

Chief Brandon Williams

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Indy Drone Rescue

Indy Drone Rescue

So many times the Autism community lacks resources to help kids who runaway. In 2019, we launched our Non-Profit Organization to provide Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) for search & rescue operations involving individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

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Indy Drone Rescue
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Indy Drone Rescue
Thanks to Phenix Fire Helmets for their support of neurodiversity and all they did for my son during our visit to their booth FDIC International 24 this past week. ... See MoreSee Less
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Indy Drone Rescue
So amazing to see this! No Label at the Table Food Company making things better in our community.How about this for Autism Awareness/acceptance. News forth coming!!!! Please share. Share with your mother, sister, child’s teacher and gluten free group ! Yummy partnership coming. We not only Employ but empower!!! Jack'sdonutsoficial ... See MoreSee Less
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