On January 9th, 2022, Drone Assist Indiana and the National Public Service Drone Donation Program (NPS-DDP) made a donation of a drone and equipment to the Phelps County Sheriff’s Department.

This drone donation and equipment provided to the Phelps County Sheriff’s Department including lighting donated by Fox Fury Lighting Solutions, an Apple iPad (Controller) and Nanuk Hard Case, is over $2,000 in value. Drone lifesaving technology has proven to be a valuable asset to departments all over the United States and is sure to help save lives, property, and injury. This will be the 33rd drone donation made by NPS-DDP.org and 2nd donation with Drone Assist Indiana since the foundation was established.

“Our department’s first and most obvious use for drones is search and rescue. Drones can cover territory much more quickly and efficiently than deputies can on foot or even by vehicle. A drone could spot a lost or missing person hidden in the undergrowth or even at night if equipped with a thermal camera. Our department has experienced this firsthand.” said Sheriff Michael Kirn (Phelps County Sheriff’s Department).