It all started with small developmental delays, nothing that we really thought too much about. As we continued to see delays in our son’s development, Lorie began to research opportunities within the community to help address what we thought would be a simple opportunity in our son’s development. After an evaluation for our local early education program we received a call we never thought would happen. “We think your son may have autism, we would like to evaluate him further.” This was the beginning of our journey.

From that day, Lorie has been a champion for Calem and everything autism. From appointments to mom’s group and being a voice in the community, she has always put his needs first. During his first years of school, we had two events that have stuck with me to this day. Both times it was hearing that Calem had left school, at the age of 5 & 6 anything is possible with a child with autism. On both occasions, he never left the school grounds and was constantly being monitored by the school. We were blessed with these outcomes, however, many times, children on the autism spectrum wander away not knowing about the dangers that may face.

Fast forward 5 years, while working in Sam’s Club I struck up a conversation with an individual who was a drone pilot and business owner.  Hearing him speak passionately about flying drones and seeing the technology used everyday drew me to the idea of using drones to help with search and rescue of high risk individuals. A year later, after receiving my FAA Part 107 certification, I purchased my first drone. Now the next step is starting this nonprofit to help those individuals who may need help finding their way home.

Welcome to Indy Drone Rescue! We hope you will join us on this Journey.

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Indy Drone Rescue

So many times the Autism community lacks resources to help kids who runaway. In 2019, we launched our Non-Profit Organization to provide Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) for search & rescue operations involving individuals on the Autism Spectrum.